Friday, September 30, 2011

Invisalign Is Great, and it sucks

In May of this year, I decided that I would make an attempt to get rid of some snaggle toothiness by getting invisalign. I have always wanted braces but kept putting it off for one reason or another such as money, kids, laziness etc... So I took the plunge and started it. Let me preface this by saying that the human mouth is a foul, wretched place to which no man or woman should venture. There are primordial things happening in our mouths all day.

Lets talk about a few of the positive aspects of invisalign:

-I can eat whatever I want, I just have to take them off to eat.
-It does control snacking. It really does. It is a great way to maintain weight.
-I am seeing some improvement and my sexiness level is now at a 2. It was 1.5 before. Out of ten.

Ok, the negatives:

-The "braces" have to be cleaned every day. And really cleaned with an electric toothbrush. they get nastay. This gets old quickly.
-The "braces" get effing stinky. Like quickly. I feel that when I talk to people with them in, they must think that I eat dog shit for every meal, or at least every other meal.
-You have to go to the dentist every few weeks to get new ones. You change them every two weeks and the dentist will only give you two at a time. Stupid dentist with your stupid rules.
-They give you a bit of a speech impediment early on. Things turn into "sh" alot.
-Did I mention that they smell?

All in all, I am happy with them, despite all the issues. They are semi not noticeable, or that is what people tell me. I would recommend them to any adult looking to improve their smile later in life. Adults who wear kid braces are creepy.
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